Elizabeth is a mixed media artist whose art has been showcased in group exhibitions in galleries and venues locally, including Borders. In addition, she has several private collectors and commissions both locally and nationally.

Elizabeth was born in Bermuda in 1977 and has lived near or on the ocean her entire life. She finds the ocean inspiring and soothing and many of her art draws inspiration from the natural world existing around us all. She is a mother first, but sees her act as a mother the most important act of creation possible. Her journey as an artist is shaped by the actuality of motherhood.

Through the pregnancy, birth and nursing of my children two things have happened: my wisdom teeth erupted and continue to grow and my creative artistry has blossomed. My passion for creativity started with writing at a young age and has evolved into different media, including poetry, photography and painting. I can always find a way to express my inspiration through these media. Creating is like breathing for me, it is essential to life. I find it soothing and it allows me to live appropriately in tune with the world around me.

My children are both masterpiece and muse; they have sparked my artistic journey to begin and continue. I am also inspired by the organic world. Familiar motifs found in my art are curves, color and depth; an intense glow of substance in perpetual motion. I want my life and creations to transform boundaries and convey value in life. My work is appealing for the pure aesthetic value and the inherent spiritual themes often overlooked in every day life. I strive for the balance between spiritual and concrete and how that translates into the art I create.

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