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A little basketball after archery…

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Ta-da! was promptly exclaimed by the littest after his coloring was done…he was not so impressed with chalk pastels, instead observed the mess his brothers were in and said “ewww.”

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Guess what we’re doing tomorrow? It’s messy art day. And they don’t like getting messy…alas.

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nurturing is important

it started with the babies in the kanga’s (as he so affectionately calls his kangaroos) pouches. He tried to get them out, to take care of them because he said, the baby was crying. And it ended up with his

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Thursday Recap

Spur of the moment don’t post this on facebook dress up time followd by a trip to the library shhh I read quietly… And 3D drawing art time. Of course, it’s always ok to make your own rainbow of sunshine

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begin being begin

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in all

these tricky matters of the heart in all the humming quake and shout you’ll be alone interconnected and alone selfishness steals unity from the sweet song of fruition again, alone. not an ear to hear not a heart to care

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The construction starts around 7am. The entire road in front of my house, outside my door and bedroom is gone, literally. The work goes around the corner so there isn’t a view without it. The noise goes all day long.

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