Author: elizabeth


i am positing from oblivion plummeting from entirety the smoke is drifting over the sun near the window into you face the sun has turned orange the fire must be burning but i can’t see it dawn appears to be


why can’t you leave me alone leave me alone to my solitude along to fight with (myself) the voices are invading my mind and i cannot shut them out murmurs. whispers. growing. kicking. screaming. arguing. your face is racing to

in my room compared to the steadfast moon i tell myself the moon won’t lie the moon only laughs at my feeble attempts to show my vulnerability and you are still touching me why?

personification of a notion

ranting raging collecting you are a disease and pollution just poison rotting me forcing me abusing me manipulator to the 8th power crazy delusion in my mind’s eye i’m laughing at myself with you just jabbing me with a stick


you’ve touched these hips you’ve loved these lips time passes you miss this glance but taken your stance and the clouds float and rain falls and the stars and planets whirl around as time passes and the idle actions stay

shoes leave footprints

across my heart and across my soul you walked your walk only warmth in memories remain now discombobulated and jaded the gravity of decisions leave only emptiness where i stand alone.

it feels good to know you

calmness abiding we seek meaning and peace amongst the storming seas where reason lays nonchalant across your brow in a passing thought i see amongst a field of flowers and strife that prettiness is frequent to feel even if the

the white moon held fast as stars whirled brightly joyous she cried tears of silver for you i must say are like a torrential flood sweeping me under the ocean of time is dragging me down farther into your sweet

ritual rape

you left last night you were angry and late you wrecked my room with your ritual rape all fevered i felt as faulty reason gave in and you touched me gently, silently and it seemed to last forever in the

your face silhouetted by the sun as you draw the shades we share intimacy inside like calm cool waters desire is our storm our passion to toy with in our world floating – high above all melting into what may