Category: poetry

in all

these tricky matters of the heart in all the humming quake and shout you’ll be alone interconnected and alone selfishness steals unity from the sweet song of fruition again, alone. not an ear to hear not a heart to care


water of life sands of time step on that journey bestow all begin together you haunt my morning and into night quietly unto my mind go my conscience existence reverberating intentions in this world glimpse me wandering wonder of life

the leverage of space

i pulled out my sketch pad and began work on zeeee monsterz and low and behold i don’t just doodle in my lined notebooks but also write in the unlined sketchbooks and found this from 2005. calmness abiding we seek


incomprehensible brevity lessens not the sting of the verbalization a breach sun shines willows weep you tear sunsets wider deeper heavier stronger rain drop on the brow of human convention unified and bound forward and agreed i want it all

for arts sake

warm and pouty salty and wet and naked grinding for you swaying hip to hip don’t you know that it’s for you? i want you to make me sweat the sun is coming up and the stars will vanish where


your voice coming through a landline reverberating the sadness of a life never sated goals not attained and as i hang up the tears come held back away i just want to go farther blurring the lines between here and


  i touched you slowly from across the rainy grass we came together

fresh naked and new

i want you white and naked the stars shining in your eyes i want you wet and new shining like the queen you are i want you fresh and tasty the moon waning in your hips i want you lifted


your shadow fell long against the horizon and touched me deep inside i quivered as i imagined your sweating forehead against my naked breast your corona bright white against the black of the wall and inside again we danced between


i am nothing here amongst the crowd falling silent in the faceless mass i’ve smoked too many cigarettes and the taste if growing stale the sun rise happens too fast and the quiet hum grows dim with the blinking light