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The construction starts around 7am. The entire road in front of my house, outside my door and bedroom is gone, literally. The work goes around the corner so there isn’t a view without it. The noise goes all day long.

Changes …

As the seasons changed and the cold frigid winter passed spring brought about not only sunshine and sprouts of new life and new friendships. Where chaos and strife were left behind a peaceful calm happiness can subside.  


we are all creators. we are all artists. we are all the same. the difference is the choices we make. of course perception comes in to play here but i’ll leave that alone for now. the choices we make –

i love you, but i’m afraid to love you

Somewhere along the lines a relationship crumbles…you think. Maybe if prior to that the relationship had an inherent flaw in the foundation and therefore never truly crumbled from one singular event nor any avalanche of events but instead it was