for arts sake

warm and pouty
salty and wet and naked
grinding for you
swaying hip to hip
don’t you know that it’s for you?
i want you
to make me sweat
the sun is coming up
and the stars will vanish
where will you go?

derogatory compliments
and seedy insults
cigarette perfume
and alcohol stench
dead ass broke
and flat on your face

i take no pity
no care for what you want
why would i care?
just leave
i don’t want you here

volatile action
hostile hugs
negative confusion

i don’t want you
why won’t you leave me alone?

what do you see in my eyes?

self pity hate
loathing and lust
and never ending sadness

i see myself shining
for arts sake
please allow me the chance,
i want to scream

no chances left
your lives are gone
now just leave me alone