the leverage of space

i pulled out my sketch pad and began work on zeeee monsterz and low and behold i don’t just doodle in my lined notebooks but also write in the unlined sketchbooks and found this from 2005.

calmness abiding

we seek meaning and peace
amongst the storming seas
where reason lays nonchalant across your brow
in a passing thought i see
amongst a field of flowers and strife
that prettiness is frequent to fed
i am glad i know you
i am glad i care
and it feels good to know you

askew that view you have
warped contradiction
plate tectonics of the brain
with a bellowing back break
how can i show you?
it feels good to know you
when we use all our words
what is left
besides thought and reason
when you’re pulled to the ground
and no words are left
and the feelings subside
still it feels good to know you
the trees can lose all their leaves
the clouds can go away
and in stark reality
it remains.

if i’m pulled down
and far away alone
will you bring me back
how do i show you?
if i fall i can only rise
and the sleeper awakes.